Aldea Verde de Costa Rica
Aldea Verde de Costa Rica has been conceived to signal a return to community living where like-minded people can explore a more sustainable, organic and spiritual lifestyle.

Aldea Verde de Costa, simply translated, equates to Green Village of Costa Rica. Those purchasing a house in this beautiful mountain rainforest village will be offered an array of ecologically sustainable features. This will enable them to live a more environmentally responsible lifestyle along with enjoying private and public gardens, spring fed water, beautiful Pacific Ocean views, nature trails, all while living within walking distance of a world-class Spiritual Retreat and Learning Center.

Each house can be personally designed with our in-house architect Ivan Delgado with plans to keep costs between $199k – $299k including an assortment of lots offered. (Those seeking housing exceeding the above-stated pricing will be considered and negotiated on a case by case basis.) Cost per square foot will range generally between $85.00 - $110.00 depending on which lot and what extras are chosen.

Additionally, our support staff will assist you in establishing yourself in Costa Rica by offering counseling and information regarding finding an attorney, accountants, banking information, residency (if desired), shipping personal items, shopping in nearby San Ramon and San Jose, acquiring communication needs such as phone and internet, introducing you to other expatriates and information about Costa Rica in general. We can also help in securing you a rental property while your house is being constructed within a reasonable budget. Our goal in general is to make your transition a more pleasant experience!

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Aldea Verde de Costa Rica is located on 12 acres of ocean-view mountain rainforest just 15 minutes (4 miles) by car or bus south of San Ramon, Costa Rica, a city of 80,000 inhabitants. San Ramon offers wonderful mom & pop restaurants, an array of clothing shops & boutiques, a weekly farmer's market that offers an abundance of fresh vegetables & fruits and more, a main branch of the University of Costa Rica, libraries and museums, hotels and nearby bed & breakfast establishments, a major bus station allowing travel to all destinations in Costa Rica and neighboring countries, parks and churches, grocery stores & banks, computer stores and repair shops, a comfortable climate at 3600 ft. above sea level, all located just off the International Pan American Highway.

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The Aldea Verde community sits at 5,000 feet above sea level and is approximately one hour from the San Jose International Airport by car or bus via well maintained roads with adequate access to both cell phone and internet. With the above stated altitude, along with being located just 10 degrees north of the Equator, you will experience year-round temperatures of approximately 60-80 degrees while living in a beautiful rainforest with creeks and streams. Within this beautiful area of Costa Rica, central air conditioning and central heat are simply not needed for this temperate climate. The closest beaches can be reached by car or bus in roughly 45 minutes with one of several live volcanoes in Costa Rica just two hours north in the famous city of Arenal. San Jose, the capital is approximately 60 minutes away.

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Aldea Verde de Costa Rica will be attractive to those who long for a return to village life and who find joy in waking up to a morning meditation or yoga session. They will take pride and delight in growing and consuming organic vegetables and fruits, gathering eggs and berries all while living in an oxygen rich environment of trees and streams and butterflies and birds. Residents will have the opportunity to easily attend some of the varied workshops, seminars and classes taking place at the Retreat Center.

Those who choose Aldea Verde will also enjoy multi-cultural experiences and interact with some of the most friendly people on the planet. "Ticos" in this area are warm and family oriented people who are kind and patient in helping those adapt to a Spanish speaking culture. Costa Rica recently scored number one in the 2009 Happy
Planet Index and boast of 96% literacy rate among all adults. Those who choose Aldea Verde will be attracted to and pleased by the Costa Rican philosophy and culture that has resulted in over 75 years of uninterrupted peace and stability. They will experience a people and culture who take pride in not having a standing army, who offer potable water and healthy food, who have created a democratic government and socialized medicine and public education.

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Considerations for constructing your new eco-designed home:
  • Bio Climatic Strategies
  • Optimized orientation for reduced heat gains, ventilation and views
  • Daytime / nighttime temperature optimization
  • Conservation of topography
  • Bioclimatic / energy modeling with Ecotech software Materials/Construction Systems
  • Modular steel structures ( usage with dimensional optimization )
  • Modular concrete block/poured concrete structures (locally sourced) for foundations
  • Lightweight walls and partitions (certified wood, reusable fibercementpannels)
  • Recycled roof systems (recycled plastic tiles)
  • Pressed wood ceilings (optional)
  • Plastic deck wood Waste Water Treatment System / Mechanical Fixtures
  • Double flush toilets
  • Low-flow aerated faucets and showers
  • Residential wastewater treatment plants with grey water reuse
  • Rainwater Harvesting Lighting / electrical system
  • Fluorescent and LED light fixtures
  • Solar water heater (thermovoltaic panels)
  • "Green" appliances (induction stoves, washer/dryers, "the modern" fans, etc)
  • Intelligent systems *
  • Fotovoltaic panels ( + panels and batteries )*
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